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There really don't exist very many men who hit a woman just once. It is so ridiculous to think it won't happen again.

Just can't believe in HEA. He'll get angry and eventually beat her regularly. Historical accuracy is great in a history book, but there were plenty of Wes This was a 5 star read for me right up to the abuse. Historical accuracy is great in a history book, but there were plenty of Western husbands who didn't hit their wives in rage or force sex on them in the face of a clear no.

Men can get very angry without hitting their wives. A man whose mother was raped and murdered and then becomes a rapist and abuser? He's no hero. He blames everyone else for his weakness but himself. He tells her he won't hit her again and expects her to believe his word, but his word is worthless Even if it was her first husband's child, HE KNEW she was married right before he forced her to marry him and knew she must have suffered abuse from her first husband.

In fact, knowing what a monster her husband was, believing she was suffering horrifically from such an evil madman, he demanded that she STAY in her marriage and continue to accept victimization and danger so she could be there for him to marry and use for his own purposes. To his mind, it should always have been a possibility that she would have been pregnant, so he is a first class idiot.

The fact that it turned out to be his baby and he was proven wrong and therefore accepted the blameless child only on the word of a prostitute rather than his wife actually ruined the book for me. Then he expresses his remorse by raping her a second time and just tells her to get over his hitting her. The only saving grace is how Victoria turns on him after his abuse. When he threatens to go to other women, she notes that he is just like her first husband.

Ironically, her first husband never hit her! View all 3 comments. Feb 02, Dina marked it as to-avoid Shelves: A craptastic "hero" who beats the TSTL doormat "heroine" and doesnt grovel enough at the end. Una novela preciosa de principio a fin.

De lectura impre Una novela preciosa de principio a fin. Mar 30, BMO rated it did not like it. SPOILERS He has trust issues, expects people to read his mind and understand his intent on point, likes to give hard looks alot, doesn't respect people's personal spaces - you know because he loves you and wants the best for you so shut up and let him justify his actions with his past traumas, duh.

And yes I know you're frighten of him and all he's doing to your body So And yes I know you're frighten of him and all he's doing to your body on your first night with him but your body is responding and he wants you so bad, so just let him "make love" to you anyway because he always gets what he wants, who cares of wooing you.

What, rape? No, he was gentle and you orgasmed at the end, plus you love him and he loves you, silly - and has his head so far up his ass I'm amazed it hasn't poked out again. Oh and he's one of those bully guys that gets angry real quick so he likes to grab at her roughly whenever she says something he doesn't like, even going as far as actually slapping her with all his strenght. What a dreamy guy.

And for the most part Victoria was ok, but, like, she totally loved him, sigh, and has no control over her body. Darling, loving someone does not mean you have to excuse their behaviour and accetp their conditions when it leaves you in pain, feeling trapped and without a choice.

And yes, I'm aware that it was difficult for a woman then to leave, no possessions, nothing, but goddamn it she could have done more instead of just forgiving him in the end. For all the talk, threat and actual rape it went in this book - an ugly truth not only of their time but unfortunately in this time as well. Needs to stop now - Jake's behaviour sexually towards Victoria made it the worse, because this is the supposed guy that loves her.

I despised the Major and the villains, but the heroes were nothing good to write home about, honestly. Did men like this exist back then? Yes, and still today. Is it acceptable because I'm reading a period time story? No, not by far. The only person who had a choice and was free in her actions was Victoria's sister, Celia. And that's saying alot, poor girl.

Why bred such a vicious killer horse that no one can ride and if his temper is passed down to his foals they would have to put the creatures down? Why not the sire instead? Strong, fast and powerful horses is what wasn't missing in the Old West. And this is coming from someone that fights tooth and nail for a red zoned dog. That horse to me was an euphemism of Jake.

Supposedly this great power beast that can't be controlled and despise all the loving it receives, kills all that are around him. Like his owner, that horse was an asshole, a dumb animal. Sep 04, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed most of this story. But a few things made me mad - see spoilers. Jake said half of a sentence which caused a misunderstanding. I would give 4 or 5 stars to the story, but the mis-communications brought it down to 3 for me.

I read the paperback several years ago and just now did the audiobook. In my first review of this book I was not angry about two s I enjoyed most of this story. In my first review of this book I was not angry about two spoilers.

In fact I wrote the following about the second spoiler: Victoria was honest but Jake didn't believe her, and his reasons for not believing her were logical. I blame Victoria for not explaining better. I disagree with myself. He told the women not to leave the house and to trust him. He needs to leave the ranch for a couple days as part of his plan to take over the ranch.

So the three women now think he is gone forever and they leave in the middle of the night. Stupid that he let them think the wrong thing. But he was never able to do the sex act.

He was impotent around her. So when Jake has sex with Victoria he believes McLane previously had sex with her. Victoria is stupid by not telling the whole story to Jake. She just let him believe all the wrong things for several months.

A Lady of the West

Finally he believes the local whore who tells Jake that McLane admitted impotence with Victoria. I also did not like that Victoria wanted to kill the breeding stallion Rubio because Rubio accidentally killed someone.

Victoria let him out and shooed him onto the plains. That was financially stupid. She could have sold him, not given him to whomever finds him.

Natalie Ross did a great job. She is consistently good at narrating.

Narrative mode: Story length: Swearing language: Jesus Christ used once. Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Nov 18, LaFleurBleue rated it it was ok Shelves: This was my first and probably my last romance in the Wild West. Way too many deaths, a few too many rapes and so frequent mentions of the probability of others, too much revenge, too much brawn - yes too much brawn when it's used to slap his wife so hard she hit the wall and barely offer excuses afterwards.

I was so irritated to read every few pages that women were "contrary" - I know it supposedly referred to the male heroes way of thinking. But I felt my feminist sense awakening and being ruf This was my first and probably my last romance in the Wild West. But I felt my feminist sense awakening and being ruffled in the wrong side all along this book. View 1 comment. May 26, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just as nice on the second reading.

Well written, tightly plotted. I was trying to think what made this one so much better than some other western romances I've read lately. I guess it has to do with the talent of the author and the fact that all the actions of the characters make sense and there aren't just random things happening that force the characters to react one way or another.

View all 4 comments. May 12, Sofi rated it really liked it Shelves: Pretty good, though the hero made me mad way too many times, Jake is too much. Violence towards women is unforgivable. View 2 comments. Just 3 stars. It was okay, and some parts were better than okay.

Frank McLain murdered Jake Sarratt's parents and stole their ranch. He also tried to kill Jake, age 13, and Ben, age 11, but the boys got away and plotted vengeance. Now, 20 years later, Jake is incognito, working as a gunslinger for McLain. McLain marries Victoria, an impoverished blue blood from the war torn South. She only agrees to marry McLain because her family is starving.

She comes from Georgia to live with him Just 3 stars. She comes from Georgia to live with him in New Mexico, bringing along her younger sister Celia and cousin Emma.

Howard, Linda - Books by Linda Howard

Jake and Victoria fall in love, but it's not a pleasant experience for either of them, filled with misunderstanding, pride, and misjudgments. Even though they marry after McLain dies, they don't resolve their feelings until the very end of the book. Meanwhile, Jake and Ben regain their stolen heritage, wiping the McLain stain from the land. My response to the book: This story was rather dark and grim throughout. I never laughed, not once, not even a chuckle.

McLain was a sick psycho. Jake was a throwback to male dominance. I grew irritated with his lack of communication. He expected Victoria to trust him, but he never explained anything to her like, not telling her he would return when he left the ranch.

The jerk got mad at her for not trusting him several times, but they barely knew each other, and he was incognito for a large chunk of the story. This happened numerous times. Worse, he didn't trust HER when it mattered most. He treated her badly more than once. For example, view spoiler [he didn't believe that the baby was his, sure it must be the spawn of the dead McLain, so he hit Victoria with the full force of his arm, knocking her to the ground.

His reasons for thinking the babe couldn't be his own were logical, but he allowed no room whatsoever for doubt, and he should have, since they had been married 3 weeks and humping like rabbits.

He was sorry about hitting her, but still wouldn't believe the baby was his. He did not accept the baby was his own until a whore told him McLain couldn't get it up with his own wife Victoria. Except for his kindness to Celia, I felt ambivalent about Jake until the last bit.

However, I did like Victoria -- a strong and sympathetic character who didn't take Jake's crap lying down -- well, not until it was time to "lie down" with him, to my disappointment.

Wish she'd made Jake grovel. A lot. I also liked young Celia. The only light moments in the book involved Celia's penchant for practical tricks and asking "sensitive" questions about horses, kittens, etc.

I liked Luis and Celia's romance, and almost cried at a certain point in the book. The third romance involved Ben, Jake's brother, and Emma, Victoria's cousin. It was fine. I liked Emma. I was glad things worked out for her. Mar 05, Thenia rated it liked it Shelves: The story of Jake, a man focused on taking revenge for his family and regaining control of their lost ranch, and Victoria, a woman who gets married to a man she doesn't know in order to save her family.

Victoria's husband is the man responsible for the death of Jake's parents and Jake is working under cover at the ranch to gather information that will aid his and his brother's mission of taking it over. That's where he meets Victoria, whom he wants to hate, believing that she only married for mon The story of Jake, a man focused on taking revenge for his family and regaining control of their lost ranch, and Victoria, a woman who gets married to a man she doesn't know in order to save her family.

That's where he meets Victoria, whom he wants to hate, believing that she only married for money, but instead starts developing feelings for the more he gets to know her. The two fall in love, but Jake's plans are in the way of their relationship, and view spoiler [while Victoria is getting ready to run away with him, he disappears to gather his men and take over the ranch, making her think he abandoned her. She runs away on her own and having accomplished his goal, he runs after her, but his reasons for it don't appear to be very sentimental, since it turns out that he needs to marry her to keep control of the ranch hide spoiler ].

I wasn't particularly invested in their story, not really feeling the love between them, while being slightly annoyed by both secondary romances, view spoiler [that of Victoria's cousin with Jake's brother who refused to commit to her just because, until at the very end decided to do so since she was carrying his baby, and that of Victoria's beautiful but not particularly bright sister, who finds love with a loving, tender man who adores her, only to end up dying of stupidity, when she gets too close to a wild horse everyone's been warning her to keep her distance from and it ends up trampling her hide spoiler ].

All in all I didn't get the happy ending feels I love in romances from this one. Let's hope I'll like the next one, Angel Creek , better. Jun 08, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another flawless book by Linda Howard. Hero wants to reclaim his ranch and kill the evil man who murdered his father and raped and murdered his mother when he was still a kid. This man is married to our heroine Victoria a noble aristocrat whose parents lost everything and sold her in marriage to this asshole.

Jake is attracted to her and she falls hard and fast for him.

When her husband dies she and Jake get married but sadly Jake has trust issues and is jealous of Victoria's dead husband when i Another flawless book by Linda Howard. When her husband dies she and Jake get married but sadly Jake has trust issues and is jealous of Victoria's dead husband when in fact he and Victoria never consummated their marriage. When Victoria tells him she is pregnant he thinks she is carrying the child of her dead asshole husband and omg he hits her!

Intense, passionate book and I really adored the heavy angst! I was like dear author give me more angst!

And she did! Talk about a great author. I know some people hated the fact that Jake slapped Victoria and I hated it too but I was so happy when she slapped him back and told him she would take her baby and leave his sorry ass! I was like u go girl! I am so proud of you! I loved how she left their bedroom and he did some groveling. I loved Jake and hated him at the same time. But I adored Victoria. She was strong, brave and a perfect heroine! View all 5 comments. The heroine had some tough choices made for her, and the hero was "saved" only in loving her.

He doesn't become a white knight all of a sudden. He never was. He'll never be. Lost some sparkle for the predictable destiny of Angelina. Apr 10, JG rated it did not like it Shelves: What a shitty hero. I know he loves the land and that he hates that damn bastard but does he have to hit her? And he loves the damn land more than the heroine!! She deserves better.

Impact of world war 1 pdf

And you call that grovel? You accept that kind of apology? Feb 26, Jill Dunlop rated it liked it.

Victoria Waverly, a young gently bred lady sacrifices herself to wed General McLain because her family desperately needs money. Twenty years prior General McLain viciously took over the Sarratt Ranch and leaving two young boys for dead. Jake Roper is all grown up now and looking to take back the ranch that should have been his and to avenge his parents' deaths. Surprisingly, he finds himself taken with Victoria's quiet, graceful nat A Lady of the West takes place in New Mexico Territory in Surprisingly, he finds himself taken with Victoria's quiet, graceful nature.

For the first time in his life, revenge is not the only thing he has to live for. Jake Roper is a hard man. He witnesses the rape and then subsequent murder of his mother at the tender age of thirteen.

He and his younger brother Ben are both shot, fleeing their ranch. For twenty years he has been on his own with nothing but revenge for company. He doesn't know how to live any other way and in this harsh environment he has to be tough to survive.

When he meets Victoria he is surprised by how much he wants her and from the first moment he sees her he is compelled by her strength and grace. Victoria was a surprise.

I was expecting a more meek heroine and Victoria has a surprisingly strong backbone made of steel. She is willing to make sacrifices for her family, but she still has her pride and this gets her in trouble with Jake a number of times. Jake and Victoria are very passionate characters and walk a fine line between love and hate. At times the book was difficult to read because of the strong emotions from the characters.

After a particularly emotional argument, Jake goes too far and slaps Victoria in the face, hard enough to knock her down and leave a bruise. Sure he is remorseful, but who is to say it won't ever happen again when he gets mad. That scene left a very sour taste in my mouth. It is such a shame too, because A Lady of the West is a good story and the characters are richly drawn.

There were many secondary characters that made an impact on the story. The relationship between Victoria and her cousin Emma and her sister Celia were very well done. The reader was able to get better insight into Victoria's character through her interaction with Emma and Celia. Both Emma and Celia each had their own mini-romance in the later half of the book. Linda Howard is a fantastic storyteller. I do recommend the book, but with reservations. If you are a fan of more "old school" romances or angst, this one might be for you.

If not, then stay far, far away! Oct 05, Sunny rated it liked it. I love the tense edginess that Linda Howard brings to her stories. Books like Prey and Cry No More deal with dark themes and are highly suspenseful.

This Western, however, really rubbed me the wrong way. The main character comes from a really dark place and the horrors he witnesses as a child is really graphic. It sets him on a lifetime of revenge. However, I would have expected that at some point, he would be redeemed.

I found Jake Sarratt unsympathetic and his behavior unforgivable espe I love the tense edginess that Linda Howard brings to her stories. I found Jake Sarratt unsympathetic and his behavior unforgivable especially due to the circumstances. I felt sorry for the heroine, Victoria.

She is trapped in an untenable situation.Aug 28, peachygirl rated it did not like it Shelves: Me ha gustado mucho esta serie, la recomiendo. Her quiet intensity, her unending devotion and love, and her ability to bear everything with a stride just stole my heart. I can see where this book is going from miles away. Apr 10, JG rated it did not like it Shelves: Jaine, Luna, Marci, and TJ are co-workers and best friends who meet one Friday after work at their normal meeting place for dinner, their conversation turns into what would make the perfect man.

But when 4 co-workers, after a few drinks imbibed after work, decide to put pen to paper with their list of Mr. I hope there is a third book in the offing. Published September 1st by Pocket Books first published

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