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SQL Server Interview webtiekittcenve.tk webtiekittcenve.tk and c# interview questions and Training visit webtiekittcenve.tk An article listing SQL Server Interview Questions. Shivprasad koirala, 10 Jan Interview Questions on Database Concepts. (Q) What is. MOST ASKED Sql Interview Questions Shivprasad Koirala Pdf. Read Sql Interview Questions Shivprasad Koirala Pdf for JOB INTERVIEW.

NET architecture? Notification Services Service Broker XML Integration Reporting Services Database Optimization Transaction and Locks I am thankful to my wife for constantly encouraging me and also to BPB Publication to give new comer a platform to perform. Finally at the top of all thanks to two old eyes my mom and dad for always blessing me. I am blessed to have Raju as my brother who always keeps my momentum moving on. I am grateful to Bhavnesh Asar who initially conceptualized the idea I believe concept thinking is more important than execution.

Tons of thanks to my reviewers whose feedback provided an essential tool to improve my writing capabilities. Just wanted to point out Miss Kadambari.

Kadam took all the pain to review for the left outs with out which this book would have never seen the quality light. About the author Author works in a big multinational company and has over 8 years of experience in software industry. He is working presently as project lead and in past has led projects in Banking, travel and financial sectors.

But on the top of all , I am a simple developer like you all guys there doing an 8 hour job. Writing is something I do extra and I love doing it.

No one is perfect and same holds true for me. Believe me guys your harsh words would be received with love and treated to the top most priority. Without all you guys I am not an author.

Writing an interview question book is really a great deal of responsibility. I have tried to cover maximum questions for the topic because I always think probably leaving one silly question will cost someones job there. But huge natural variations in an interview are something difficult to cover in this small book. Who knows probably that question can save some other guys job.

Features of the book 51 This book goes in best combination with my previous book. NET Interview questions. One takes care of your front end aspect and this one the back end which will make you really stand out during. NET interviews.

Other than core level interview question, DBA topics like database optimization and locking are also addressed. Replication section where most of the developer stumble, full chapter is dedicated to replication so that during interview you really look a champ.

NET integration which is one of the favorites of every interviewer is addressed with great care. This makes developer more comfortable during interview. XML is one of the must to be answered questions during interview.

All new XML features are covered with great elegance. Areas like data warehousing and data mining are handled in complete depth.

Reporting and Analysis services which can really surprise developers during interviews are also dealt with great care. A complete chapter on ADO. NET makes it more stronger from a programmer aspect. In addition new ADO. Must for freshers who want to avoid some unnecessary pitfall during interview. Every answer is precise and to the point rather than hitting around the bush. Some questions are answered to greater detail with practical implementation in mind.

DB level question are mostly for guys who are looking for high profile DBA level jobs. Tips and tricks for interview, resume making and salary negotiation section takes this book to a greater height. But theres a second stronger reason for writing this book which stands taller than the readers demand and that is SQL Server itself.

When it comes to. NET and especially operating system is windows. I treat this great relationship between. In my previous book we had only one chapter which was dedicated to SQL Server which is complete injustice to this beautiful product.

So why an interview question book on SQL Server? If you look at any. NET interview conducted in your premises both parties Employer and Candidate pay no attention to SQL Server even though when it is such an important part of development project. I am not saying these things are not important but if you see in development or maintenance majority time you will be either in your IDE or in SQL Server.

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Third very important thing IT is changing people expect more out of less. That means they expect a programmer should be architect, coder, tester and yes and yes a DBA also. For mission critical data there will always be a separate position for a DBA. But now many interviewers expect programmers to also do a job of DBA, Data warehousing etc.

This is the major place where developers lack during facing these kinds of interview. So this book will make you walk through those surprising questions which can sprang from SQL Server aspect.

I have tried to not go too deep as that will defeat the complete purpose of an Interview Question book. I think that an interview book should make you 53 run through those surprising question and make you prepare in a small duration probably with a night or so. I hope this book takes you to a better height and gives you extra confidence boost during interviews.

Best of Luck and Happy Job-Hunting How to read this book If you can read English, you can read this book In this book there are some legends which will make your reading more effective.

Every question has simple tags which mark the rating of the questions. These rating are given by Author and can vary according to companies and individuals.

Compared to my previous book. While reading you can come across section marked as Note , which highlight special points of that section. You will also come across tags like TWIST, which is nothing , but another way of asking the same question, for instance What is replication?

SQL Server Interview Questions - Part 1

But for DBA guys every question is important. For instance if you are going for a developer position and you flunk in simple ADO. NET question you know the result. Vice versa if you are going for a DBA position and you can not answer basic query optimization questions probably you will never reach the HR round.

So the best way to read this book is read the question and judge yourself do you think you will be asked these types of questions? For instance many times you know you will be only asked about data warehousing and rather than hitting the bush around you would like to target that section more.

And Many times you know your weakest area and you would only like to brush up those sections. You can say this book is not a book which has to be read from start to end you can start from a chapter or question and when you think you are ok close it. Software Company hierarchy 54 Its very important during interview to be clear about what position you are targeting.

Depending on what positions you are targeting the interviewer shoots you questions. Note:- In small scale software house and mid scale software companies there are chances where they expect a developer to a job of programming , DBA job , data mining and everything.

But in big companies you can easily see the difference where DBA job are specifically done by specialist of SQL Server rather than developers.

But now a days some big companies believe in a developer doing multitask jobs to remove dependencies on a resource. Because of inconsistent HR way of working you will see difference between companies. So why there is a need of hierarchy in an interview?

Interview is a contract between the employer and candidate to achieve specific goals. So employer is looking for a suitable candidate and candidate for a better career.

Normally in interviews the employer is very clear about what type of candidate he is looking for. How many times has it happened with you that you have given a whole interview and when you mentioned the position you are looking for So be clarified about the position right when you start the interview. Following are the number of years of experience according to position.

Junior engineers are especially fresher and work under software engineers. Software engineers have around 1 to 2 years of experience. To do this, you do a backup on the development system and restore to the production system. After a few minutes, you begin getting calls from several customers saying that they are denied access to the system. When the restore happened, you also restored the security from the development system onto the production system. The customers do not have access to the development system.

One way to avoid this is to script out all the security in the production database prior to doing the restore and then to reapply the security after the restore. What is a mixed extent? A mixed extent is a single extent that contains multiple tables. Extents are the basic unit in which space is allocated to tables and indexes. To make its space allocation efficient, SQL Server does not allocate entire extents to tables with small amounts of data. SQL Server has two types of extents: Uniform extents are owned by a single object; all eight pages in the extent can only be used by the owner object.

Mixed extents are shared by up to eight objects. You have a table with close to million records. Recently, a huge amount of this data was updated. Now, various queries against this table have slowed down considerably. What is the quickest option to remedy the situation?

There is no need to recreate the index, as the updating statistics should be first step to see the query reached to the optimized level of speed. Once the statistics have been updated, the query analyzer will be able to make better decisions about which index to use.

Sample JAVA_J2EE Interview Questions - Shivprasad Koirala (Questpond

How can you check the level of fragmentation on a table? You have developed an application which uses many stored procedures and triggers to update various tables. Users ocassionally get locking problems. Which tool is best suited to help you diagnose the problem? SQL Server Profiler. Which table keeps the locking information? SysLockInfo contains information on all granted, converting, and waiting lock requests.

This table is a denormalized tabular view of internal data structures of the lock manager and is stored only in the master database. You want to be sure that queries in a database always execute at the maximum possible speed.

To achieve this goal you have created various indexes on tables. Which other statement will keep the database in good condition? Execute the Update Statistics command for tables that are accessed in the query. Update Statistics updates information about the distribution of key values for one or more statistics groups in the specified table. During a recent migration project, John inserted 10, records in a table that has an Identity Column called ticketID, which automatically increases by 1 each time a record is inserted in the table.

A month after the database went live; John noticed that record with ticketID has some incorrect information. So John deletes this record and decides to re-insert this record in the table. He wants to re-use the ticketID He needs to achieve this while the database is in production. What should he do?

This data changes frequently. What tool is the best choice for the task? Using DTS you can import and export data between heterogeneous sources. DTS is covered in depth later in the book. You have used many stored procedure and triggers to make your application fast. However, users complain that saving records take too much time. To rectify the problem, you start the profiler and create a trace using the trace wizard.

How would you go about identifying the cause of the problem? Find the worst performing query. As you know from the users that the problem is in while saving the record, find the worst performing query. Updated lot of questions around WPF.

Not much changed in this and chapter as such but added some few more architectures and patterns like MVVM and repository pattern. In this chapter I have done major revamps and addition. Updated some old threading answers and added questions around TPL Task parallel libarary. XML chapter kept as it is. Some of the question I was not sure where I should put it like algorithms , questions around debug release , packaging etc. So this chapter will serve that purpose.

I have started adding questions around algorithm's in this chapter. As usual salary card , sample resumes are my added flavors in the book. This is really a gift to my developer friends. I am sure my book will read by lot of fresher friends. So in case they want to learn. NET step by step , I have shipped the videos of Learn.If you can see the first two decisions are straight forward. Great information on database theory and its aplication within Microsoft products. But in big software houses the situations When we catalog the above assembly in SQL Server.

What stored procedure would you use to view lock information?

Actually you can normalize database to fifth normal. Do you like to work as a team or as individual?

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