a gift from. New York Times & USA TODAY bestselling author. Susan. Mallery on some fun freebies, and of course, read excerpts of the Fool's Gold books. Fool's Gold comes calling, Charity is convinced that the small town is the perfect place for her to settle down Join the fun!). The complete series list for - A Fool's Gold Romance Susan Mallery. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history.

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Question about Fool's Gold Cookbook: “This is supposed to be a free pdf download according to the Susan Mallery website but the link doesn't even show i. Contemporary romance series set in the fictional small town of Fool's Gold, California, written over a span of 6 seasons (years) 1 NYT bestselling author Susan Mallery writes heartwarming, humorous novels about the Susan Mallery Author cover image of A Fool's Gold Christmas.

And yet, I found the relationship she formed with retired pro-foot What can I say about a book that should have annoyed me at every turn, but ended up winning me over? And yet, I found the relationship she formed with retired pro-football player, Raoul, incredibly sweet. What Mallery gives the reader is the old "another man's baby" plot from a different angle.

And it works. For all that I found Pia's initial disclosure of her situation to Raoul problematic, once their partnership he called himself her "Pregnancy Buddy" got going, it just worked.

There were a couple of times when Pia's decisions stretched credibility there seemed to be no real reason for her to go through with the implantation immediately besides the necessary timeline for the story I found her to be an endearing and surprisingly strong heroine.

And like the heroes in the two previous books in this series, Raoul tended toward the stubbornly foolish end of the hero spectrum, he was ultimately a likable alpha. This trilogy has been my introduction to the writing of Susan Mallery aside from a sheik book she wrote for Silhouette Special Edition and I've come to expect interesting re-workings of traditional romance tropes in a quirky setting.

Definitely worth putting her on my auto-download list. As this town has endless possibilities to continue, so too will the books, which will keep increasing along with their appeal.

Setting up the idyllic town for the first time, it establishes the people and location, building the overall atmosphere as a whole for the reader. Giving a general layout of it all as well, it allows the audience to gain an understanding of where everything is. For many it could be the lure of big city life, or the excitement found elsewhere beyond the borders of this idyllic yet humble little town.

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With everything that town has to offer, it seems ideal for what Charity is looking for as she begins to settle down into her new role as local city planner for the area. That is until Josh Golden steps into her life, the local celebrity and world-class cyclist famous for his skills and athletic prowess on the bike. Can she ever get together with Josh and will they get past their initial flaws as she sees him for who he really is?

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Published first in on the 21st of June, Mallery released this not long after her initial novel in the series. Revolving around an almost soap-opera led formula now, Mallery finds her footing with this book, as she confidently leads the reader through this idyllic town of her own making. Then there was the popular boy who was loved by everyone in town; Ethan Hendrix, the most adored young member of the community and the local school as well.

That is until Ethan betrays her and breaks her heart leaving her feeling hurt and broken, after what seemed to be a relationship with her soul-mate falls apart.

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Along with this is the fact that they are both still attracted to each other, as it appears the passion is still there underneath it all. Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery.

There's nowhere better to spend the holidays than… More. Shelve Christmas on 4th Street. When We Met by Susan Mallery. Shelve When We Met.

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Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery. Shelve Before We Kiss. Until We Touch by Susan Mallery. Shelve Until We Touch. Yours for Christmas by Susan Mallery. Step out of the winter chill and into the warmth… More. Shelve Yours for Christmas.

Hold Me by Susan Mallery. Shelve Hold Me. Kiss Me by Susan Mallery.

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Shelve Marry Me at Christmas. Best of My Love by Susan Mallery.

The final chapter in the Fool's Gold series, it c… More. Shelve Best of My Love. A Kiss in the Snow by Susan Mallery.

A Christmas gift straight from the heart of Sus… More. Shelve A Kiss in the Snow. Fool's Gold Collection Part 1: Shelve Fool's Gold Collection Part 1: The perfect escape: Shelve The perfect escape: Book , 9. Summer Brides by Susan Wiggs.

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Susan Mallery

Ja, ich w… More. Fool's Gold Series Volume Two: A Fool's Gold Holiday. Fool's Gold Series Volume Three: Dreaming Of Christmas by Susan Mallery. Shelve Dreaming Of Christmas. Rencontres a Fools Gold:It was so good, that now I must download a copy of the book so I can have the recipies on hand all the time.

The guy is a master!

You'll love it. Yours for Christmas by Susan Mallery. Sister of the Bride by Susan Mallery.

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