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Read the latest magazines about Shopnotes and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. Share. Download A PDF Of These Pages ( KB) - ShopNotes. 23 years of ShopNotes magazine, Issues 1–, now on one Computer DVD. It's fully searchable and printer-friendly. Every plan, every tip. Materials List ShopNotes No. Home Documents; ShopNotes Issue Shopnotes issue 92 pdf Crafts -. Woodworking - Magazine. will this help???.


Then flip the lever back to lock the jaw in position. This supplementary article is available to download in this Online Extra. Cabinet Base Shelves PDF If you want to add even more storage to the heirloom tool cabinet, then these shelves are just the thing for you.

Best of all, they put the open space in the base to good use. This alternate design option is available to download in this Online Extra. But there are a few things that can be an inconvenience when using it.

My biggest complaint is that I have to stoop over to see what I am doing as I work. Another problem is keeping the workpieces clamped square.

And finally, when Iam done for the day, I have to find a place to store the jig and accessories. This handy workcenter solves all these problems.

The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra. Summary of the article says that with solid frame and panel construction, this heirloom tool cabinet will be a welcome addition to any workshop.

Tool Chest, Hobby PDF There is no question that a workshop, no matter how small, can be a great place to unwind and spend a few hours.

But sometimes, especially if you are traveling, it is not always practical to get into your shop. The idea behind this hobby chest is to provide you with a workshop that you can take anywhere, whether it is just into another room of the house or across the country. Cutting the Plywood Parts. The drawings on the next page show the basics of how the toolbox is put together. The tricky part is accurately registering the. You can use the cut marks in the spoilboard as a reference or simply mark the position with a pencil before removing the parts parts.

Theres another thing I want to mention. The width of the blind mortises is sized to match the thickness of the plywood so that the tabs on the mating parts form a friction fit. We used 38" Baltic birch, but if you use another material, you may need to adjust the mortise width accordingly. Putting together the toolbox is pretty straightforward.

I started with the bottom, sides, front, and back. I applied a thin film of glue to the tabs before clamping the parts.

Youll notice that the top and handle are both made up of two layers. When gluing up the handle, making sure the edges are flush. Before gluing the layers of the top together, youll need to add the handle, handle pins, latches, and thumb slides. The pins and latch plates are trapped in the grooves cut on the inside faces. Again, just keep the edges flush as you apply clamps.

Long Hinge.


You might think that aligning all of the hinge knuckles would be tricky. But the beauty of having the recesses made with a CNC router is that theyre all identical.

Just make sure each knuckle is fully seated in the recess after applying the glue. After the glue dries, you can align the hinge knuckles on the top with those on the back and start feeding in the hinge pin.

You may need to coax it with a few gentle taps of a small hammer.

To finish the toolbox, I sprayed on a couple coats of lacquer. Once that dries, you can fill the toolbox with your favorite hand tools and accessories. Front Dividers 2 7 x - 34 Ply.

Rear Dividers 3 x - 34 Ply. Bottom 1 x - 34 Ply. Locking Swivel Casters 2 4"-dia. Swivel Casters 16 12 x 34" Ph Woodscrews. Legs 4 3 x 3 - 34 Square Alum. Tube Rails 4 x - 29 Alum.

Angle Sides 2 17 x - 34 Ply. Bottom 1 30 x - 34 Ply. Lower Rail 1 x 60 - 34 Ply. Inner Side 1 29 x 11 - 34 Ply. Divider 1 29 x - 34 Ply. Shelf 1 x - 34 Ply. Shelf Pins. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. ShopNotes 50 Vol.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. All rights reserved. Chair Clamp! Edging Clamp! The tricky part is accurately registering the ShopNotes No.The back and top have a series of recesses on the inside for the individual pieces that form the knuckles of the hinge.

The pins and latch plates are trapped in the grooves cut on the inside faces. Documents Similar To ShopNotes Mohammed Shafi M.

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Place the cards on the opposite end of the workpiece to close a joint with a gap at the point. Inner Side 1 29 x 11 - 34 Ply.

Jaime Montiel. Search inside document.

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