Calligaris, global Italian design. We started out with just one chair in Today, with more that Calligaris should be a company that keeps up with the times. Download pdf Calligaris S.p.A. a socio unico. Via Trieste, 12 - Manzano (Udine) - Italia - IT Privacy Policy · Cookie Policy. Calligaris MyHome Catalog (PDF). Cover of the Calligaris MyHome North American Calligaris Quick Ship Program for Sofas Brochure (PDF).

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Search in Calligaris catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. Calligaris is the inspiration I look for in my house. Itâ€&#x;s color and the shapes describing me, the richness in products and. Catalogo sfogliabile. TABLE CATALOGUE download pdf version CHAIR CATALOGUE download pdf version REGISTERED OFFICES: Calligaris s.p.a. ITALIA.

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Read our catalogue and find out about our tables, extendable tables, chairs. But more than anything else, how do we make our homes look nice? In other words, can we get a sneak peek of the upcoming trends from the design world?

We pay visits to textile trade fairs, all kinds of shops, we seek out unusual furnishing accessories and we scour the web. Basically, inspiration comes from all around us. This is a matter of course for Calligaris. This relentless innovation process takes place on a daily basis. We contact our suppliers and pay attention to anyone who has something new to tell us about manufacturing technology. What new trends is Calligaris particularly interested in?

For this year and the coming one, our production range will draw inspiration from these three trends. What distinguishes the Fifties style? Does any particular material dominate?

Definitely ceramic processed to obtain a marbled effect. Its success continues to grow from year to year. It is an extraordinary material, which enables us to meet the demands of customers who want a dramatic-looking piece, which is incredibly tough at the same time. Ceramic is practically indestructible but it is also highly versatile and can be given a series of different effects - light or dark, shiny or matt, with marble patterning There is something for everyone.

What materials do you use for the finishes? Definitely brass and velvet. Brass is most certainly the precious metal of the year and we use it in a polished version, but in small amounts to accent details.

On the other hand, velvet is the king. As a material, it is extensively used on our furnishings range. Talking about colours, we prefer it either in rich bold shades like dark green, teal blue or brick red or in a more subtle palette such as pale pink, thyme green or pale yellow. This began trending last year and it has really come into its own. It focuses on the use of plants and floral patterns on wallpaper and upholstery.

Copyright Calligaris S. It was heavy looking.

All Calligaris catalogs and technical brochures

A modern Industrial style is more airy with a minimalist feel. The dominant notes are metal with a matt-black varnishing and wood usually oak , a retro vibe, a chunkiness about it and irregular edges. This essential bulkiness needs to be counterpointed by subtle geometrical shapes on wallpaper patterns, furnishing accessories and floor tiles.

The third and last trend is the Scandi style The name says it.

It draws inspiration from a place where the days are short and light is scarce. Obviously, the silhouettes find inspiration in the great masters of Scandinavian design such as Arne Jacobsen or Alvar Aalto. In truth, basically, all future trends look to the past. What about the Industrial style?


What is special about it? It has evolved over the past two or three years. The beauty of such an apparently simple object actually conceals a drawn-out and complex creative process that lasts for months and involves a great number of individuals: the Chairman of the corporate customer, the designer tasked with the project and the model-maker who has to craft the first prototype.

You might fall into the trap of thinking that making a chair is easy, but the risk of it being ugly, or worse still, uncomfortable to sit on, is much higher than one might think. The designers of the Archirivolto Studio, who conceived Claudio Dondoli, Industrial designer and Archirivolto associate my home 19 mag 12 my home 19 mag When you sit down to invent a designer piece, what design principles do you base yourself on?

We believe, first and foremost, that design has to be functional and a designer is a bridge between the company and its customers.

Many peers focus more on the aesthetic side, but our priority has always been functionality. The person who actually downloads the objects we design is always uppermost in our minds. This is why we have always wanted to work with companies with a similar approach.

When we first started out, Calligaris was a client we dreamt about. Today, that dream has come true. Each time Mr Calligaris tasks us with a complex project like this one for the Liberty chair, we feel immensely gratified because it means he places his trust in us. How does a designer item like the Liberty chair come into existence? It all starts when we sit down with the Chairman and his collaborators. In the course of several meetings we examine some in-depth market researches and settle on which piece we are going to create and what trend we are going to follow.

The Liberty chair needed to be of a similar size as the original Thonet and especially reflect its design virtues which 13 Copyright Calligaris S. A How a Designer item comes into being.

What lies behind all those objects that adorn our home and make our lives more comfortable?

How did they come into being? How many people are involved in the process? To find out we asked Claudio Dondoli, one of the partners from the Archirivolto Studio, to reveal the secrets of Liberty, the new chair designed for Calligaris. The only part of the Liberty chair that will change over time is the colour palette. It will vary according to the chromatic trends of the year in question.

In actual fact, if you look closely you will see that the Liberty chair is nothing like the old Thonet, yet it still conveys the same reassuring image. After having been engaged by the company, you have to come up with ideas and get down to brass tacks After such a clear brief, we started to make the first sketches, knowing that the chair had to have a series of clearly defined aesthetic features, finishes and standards of sturdiness.

We took some rendered images to the company and went through various solutions until we settled on the shape that would have become the Liberty chair. At this stage, we called up our model-maker.

He is a real artist, woodworker and sculptor who works for us. He made a wooden model in a scale of Once it is coated and detailed, the prototype is then approved.

calligaris catalogo pdf printer

At this point, we can go ahead to make the mathematical model followed by the mould, enabling it to be mass produced. People may not realise that moulding a chair like Liberty is very expensive. How does it actually happen and why does it cost so much? Creating a mould for a chair like Liberty requires the company to invest heavily.

But Liberty is a very innovative chair. We my home 19 mag needed to create a special mould, which would enable Calligaris to manufacture it both with and without arms, but in one single block without any breaks.

It would only be available with a padded seat. Basically one mould enables the company to create four variations with arms, without arms, with a padded seat and without one. A mould like this adds on to the overall costs significantly. How long did it take for the initial concept to become a finished chair?

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No more than eight months. How were the colours chosen?Link to this photo large view: Flickriver needs JavaScript to work properly. Each company has its own customs and traditions when it comes to colour It affects your choices and guides your tastes when it is your turn to design a product.

Mobili vari. The beauty of such an apparently simple object actually conceals a drawn-out and complex creative process that lasts for months and involves a great number of individuals: the Chairman of the corporate customer, the designer tasked with the project and the model-maker who has to craft the first prototype.

They had a single brief - amaze.

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