Vocabulary tests. Photocopiable. Test 1 People, family and social life. 1 Circle the correct answer. 1 Which of the following words does NOT. Test. New International Business English. UNIT 5Working together. Vocabulary. EXERCISE 1 Choose the best word to fit the gap. Vocabulary Games and Activities English Vocabulary Profile: 9. an official test of how much you know about something, or how well you can do something.

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WELCOME TO 1 0 0 1 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions! This book is Every test from the SAT exam to the Police Sergeant test requires an excellent grasp. Whether you want to improve your vocabulary for a standardized test, learn more study tool. Put the vocabulary word on one side and its meaning and. This book may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by Hardison for coaching and friendship beyond th.

In order to design a test, the teacher or the test designer is required to respect a number of principles, such as reliability, validity, content validity, criterion-related validity, construct and face validity and practicality. The two first principles are the most basic ones; therefore, they will be discussed briefly.


The problem here, however, has to do with norm-referenced testing, i. Validity, though, refers to the quality of a test with regards to measuring what it is supposed to measure Schmitt: Purposes behind testing vocabulary knowledge There are several reasons why we need testing in general. Most commonly, tests demonstrate a sort of ability proficiency tests, placement tests, etc. Hughes points out that they are needed to check the progress of learning, as well as to assess the level of knowledge about some language area.

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According to Schmitt a further reason is related to learner attitudes. For him ibid.

He states ibid. More specifically, Nation views that testing vocabulary knowledge is needed for two reasons; first, in order to measure how well a particular word is known, i. In this regard, breadth becomes a retronym since it distinguishes between conventional vocabulary tests and other tests that have been more recently designed for the assessment of the depth of vocabulary knowledge Read: Plumbing.

Furthermore, testing vocabulary knowledge is also important in solving reading problems. Likewise, Heaton confirms that vocabulary tests are often related to overall reading comprehension skills; hence, everything can be tested ranging from passive and active vocabulary to collocations and the like. Types of tests There are different types of tests in the same way that there are several possible purposes for giving a vocabulary test Heaton In other words, the reasons why to give a vocabulary test determines the type of test to be given.

Pre & Post Tests

According to Schmitt , the most common test is to find out whether students have learned the words that were taught, or that were expected to be learned. These tests are referred to as achievement tests, which are tests that usually cover a large amount of the curriculum Heaton: Heaton claims that the most suitable time to take this test is at the beginning of a course or a school year. For example, placement tests are meant for placing students in the appropriate class that suits their levels Schmitt: Also, proficiency tests are designed to measure the size of vocabulary that students know, for instance, the TOFEL test Nation: Ultimately, there are other types of tests that are not necessarily meant for assessment purposes as much as a means for motivating students to revise and study harder Thornbury: ; Schmitt: Type of testing tasks Types of testing tasks are not to be confused with types of tests that are mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, only some of them will be discussed in this report. Although easy to mark, multiple choice tasks are difficult to design Nation: Ur affirms that they can be used to test contextualized words, i.

However, the problem here is that students will not be able to use their vocabulary actively, since they will have to guess the correct answers by means of eliminating the ones that are unlikely.

Another testing task is translation.

According to Nation , the general feeling that first language translations should not be used in both teaching and testing vocabulary is quite wrong since translation can serve in testing both form and meaning. Nevertheless, Ur claims that finding the right equivalent between the first language and the second one can cause problems for students.

Cloze tests, on the other hand, are tests that are based on filling the gaps in a text with the most appropriate vocabulary item s. In cloze tests, students are not provided with any options; hence, they will have to invent the required word themselves, i. Thornbury ibid. As to matching testing tasks, Nation reports that they were found to be easier than supply item tasks. The latter may require students to draw on additional syntactic and collocational knowledge, which is likely to affect their performance.

Muhammad February 13, at pm Thank you very much guys … you are awesome!!!! Anne Marie P. February 15, at am This is a great resource! Thank you so much!! However, it would be better if you took the sentences from more reliable sources.

WHICH language we speak affects how we think about the world.

Magazines heavily alter the photos they publish of celebrities. And this is just the first 10 words. Reply Lucas March 4, at pm Thanks for pointing those out! These example sentence are from our own heads.

The vocabulary questions are so much harder than the words on the list you made. Those would help on the writing section , yes!Nevertheless, only some of them will be discussed in this report.

Perhaps this explains why, in the past, vocabulary was underestimated and regarded solely as a means to teach grammar; it was not until recently that methodologists have acknowledged its importance Harmer: Testing Tests are designed in order to determine and evaluate the level of acquiring some knowledge or skill.

Also, proficiency tests are designed to measure the size of vocabulary that students know, for instance, the TOFEL test Nation: At www. Assessing Vocabulary.

You can even take it one step further and imagine you are a teacher who has to help another student learn this new word. Eds , Vocabulary in a Second Language. New York: Longman Heaton, J.

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